Commercial s*x worker retires after 23years of hard work with 28,000 men (Photo)


Sarah Mutero, 49, who claimed to have ‘serviced’ over 28,000 men in the course of 23 years of active commercial s*x work, received a parcel of land worth Sh120,000 (about $1,190), as part of her retirement benefits from wellwishers.

For 23 years, Mutero had been a s*x worker, having serviced thousands of men at her hometown of Embu, Nairobi city centre and in Majengo area. She claims she would service 20 or more men in a day in her younger years.

Image result for PROSTITUTE RETIRES AFTER 23 YEARS OF SLEEPING WITH 28000 MENBut as age set in, with hard economic times and stiff competition, she could only manage four customers daily. This means an average of 100 men per month. “It is not an easy thing to satisfy such a big number of men, some being ruthless, yet we end up poor.

We earn peanuts that we can’t even save. Everything I have earned in servicing needy men went to clothes, shelter and food for my children as well as education,” she said. She added that in s*x business, pricing is determined by standards and location. Prostitute retires after 23years of sleeping with 28000 men.

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